Smart Innovations Get-Together 4.0 in review  -

Solar power experts Ulfert Höhne of, Gerhard Rimpler of my-PV and Martin Dürnberger of Clean Capital Energy offered fascinating insight into the highly dynamic developments rocking the domestic and international energy market.

The speakers were united - photovoltaics is THE central energy supplier of the future. Solar energy from photovoltaics (PV) is currently the cheapest form of power generation, PV plants are established in industry, the commercial sector and private households for private consumption, and large systems produce for the market without funding. Photovoltaics is the key technology for energy, mobility and heat transition. Global expansion rates are already surpassing all expectations.

Austria too intends to cover its full energy requirements by 2030 from renewable resources. To expand photovoltaic capacity as needed to meet climate targets, namely by 15 GWp, a wide range of measures are necessary in current renewable energies expansion legislation (EAG). CCE has presented a detailed concept on the EAG together with the PV-Austria association. As regards climate targets, it’s now about using all available space on private homes, commercial properties and residential buildings. Contact us! Thanks to our more than 70 visitors for their interest! Listen again to the talks here.