Our strategy. Our mission.
For the future.

Think global, act local - the shift to clean energy for the benefit of our planet is a global challenge. To succeed in our mission of making a major contribution to the clean energy transition, we think globally and act locally in numerous markets. Our international team develops, plans and implements cost-effective and efficient PV solutions at many locations across the globe for various customer needs - whether on open spaces or on roofs.

Since the very beginning we have been passionately promoting the commercialisation and mass distribution of photovoltaics. This involves the early anticipation of technical and economic developments, which was another core element in establishing and expanding a solid, market-relevant company. As a result, we now have the ability to map the entire value chain of photovoltaic solutions. In concrete terms, this means: we serve as an initiator and partner to promote and support the efforts of citizens, municipalities and companies in achieving a decentralised and self-reliant renewable energy supply.

As part of our expansion strategy in 2017, we have been focusing the company on the motto of “TOMORROW’S STRATEGY WE DELIVER TODAY”. This promise is grounded in our claim to be able to act quickly and flexibly on the market and to provide sustainable solutions for customers and partners based on our experience and performance. We can thus fulfil our claim to customers and partners based on our experience and performance.

But this is only possible when we work together. For this reason we attach great importance to cooperation - both in the team and with our partners. Mutual trust and respectful cooperation is the key to succeeding in our mission and making our vision a reality. This is how, together, we can meet our corporate social responsibility goals. No matter which team or country in our company: Each individual is a valuable part of a grand vision and plays a role in one of the most exciting and future critical topics of our time.