Your roof can generate income

CCE is your reliable partner for PV roof systems on commercial properties

Innovative technological advances and constanly decreasing costs have strengthened the position of solar energy on the decentralised energy market. As a result, cost-conscious companies are increasingly choosing to produce their own solar power and thus reduce their electricity costs to below grid parity. This offers the advantage of predictable long-term electricity costs and positive environmental and image effects. Many countries also offer incentive programs that further enhance the profitability of PV systems.

Even if you do not plan to invest yourself, you can still make the most of your unused roof surfaces: depending on the possibilities of the respective markets, we offer various lease and rental models, next to regular plant purchase options. With detailed feasibility studies, precise self-consumption analyses and professional technical and business plans, CCE offers you holistic solutions that meet your current and future needs. This safeguards your competitiveness and independence – for the long term.

Overview of benefits

  • Price-stable power supply and planning reliability from a local PV system
  • Independence through solar self-sufficiency
  • Build and enhance your company’s image as environmentally responsible and innovative
  • Customized full-service solutions

Your partner CCE

  • Use of certified, premium-quality components
  • The security of a stable and reliable partner
  • High expertise in the AC connection of PV systems
  • Binding offer following order agreement
  • All-round, worry-free service package so that your PV system runs safely and smoothly.

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